Friday, March 1, 2013

Go PLAY in the SNOW!

Hey wait a minute! What happened to February? I was shorted at least two days!

It has been an incredibly busy month and one of the snowiest in a long time. I think this school year may have seen a record number of snow days. The only other year I remember having had this many snow days was 1982, my senior year in high school-six weeks straight of Mondays off.

I read recently that 1 in 4 parents will not allow their children to play outside in the winter because they are afraid that their child(ren) will fall and get hurt. I was also told this same thing by several students when I suggested that they play outside more to build stronger bodies and build their aerobic capacity. With all of this snow we have gotten-that is a lot of children staying indoors! I have also read that children who spend a lot of time indoors especially in the winter, have a higher incidence of illness.  If children are ill they spend less time in school and learning potential suffers.

If these statements are true we are doing a great disservice to our children.

Go out and PLAY in the SNOW!

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