4 Corner Tag
Grades 2-5

2 mats, 4 coated foam balls, 4 small hoops, 4 poly spots

Set up
Divide the gym into 4 quadrants
Place a small hoop next to where the kicker stands (home)
Place a cone in each corner of the gym (on the corners of the basketball court)
Place a poly spot half way between home and cone

Divide the class into 4 groups
1 student is the kicker, 1 is the pitcher, & the rest are the fielders
The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker. The kicker kicks the ball and runs out & around the cone and back to the home spot.
The pitcher/fielders chase the ball and the student who gets the ball runs with it back to the hoop.
If the pitcher/fielder get the ball back to the hoop before the kicker/runner gets back to home the runner is out. If the runner gets back first he/she gets a ‘homerun’ & another turn. Only 2 turns in a row.
The pitcher becomes the kicker and a fielder becomes the pitcher. The person who just finished kicking becomes a fielder. Rotate student to allow everyone to have equal turns & pitching & kicking

For K

Each student has his/her own ball they kick from home spot chase ball & come back & kick again-repeat

For 1st

2 students share a ball. One student is the kicker & one is the fielder. The kicker kicks the ball & runs out/around the cone & back home. The fielder chases the ball & runs it back & puts it in the hoop. If the kicker gets back first they get a home run if not kicker is out. The fielder & kicker switch each turn

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