Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changing the Brains Wiring through Movement

I recently attended what I thought was going to be ‘just’ an introduction to neurofeedback. I knew that the company doing the presentation would be representing their business but I didn’t realize I would be a live participant in an infomercial!  The scientific basis of neurofeedback that was presented was/is intriguing and I very much enjoyed this information.  It was just enough to get me hooked on wanting to know more.  I stayed after the session to ask some questions and as I have continued to consider the responses during the conversation I didn’t quite getting the answers / information I was looking for.

I’m still mulling over this conversation, but have moved on to wondering how much physical movement, when done in a purposeful integrative way, can affect the brain wave patterns and if it can is there a lasting affect?  Through brain / body integration programs I have participated in and with those I teach I have found that the affects of integrative movement do indeed continue after the movement ends.  I have found that when under stress I am more aware that I am in a state of stress and can mentally and physically pull myself out more quickly.

I decided to search neurofeedback on the net and found many sites with similar presentations as the one I attended espousing the use of expensive technology and videos to change the brains wiring. While this may be a good thing I continued to wonder ‘What about using these types of programs in school and with students / adults who cannot afford these expensive programs yet want to make positive changes in their lives? 

Then I came across a neurofeedback site that actually supports the use of movement to help rewire the brain. I was relieved to know that there are neurofeedback organizations out there that support movement and use EEG’s to document the connection benefits of movement in changing the brain.  One of the programs that were mentioned was Bal-A-Vis-X (Balance, Auditory, Vision, eXercises).  I am glad to see that this program is beginning to be supported and used by practitioners who also use the ‘traditional’ methods.

Bal-A-Vis-X is an inexpensive brain / body integration program that uses bean bags, balls, and balance boards to develop full body coordination and focused attention with exercises that are deeply rooted in rhythm.  Bal-A-Vis-X costs very little and the results can have tremendous impact on the individual(s) using it.  The exercises are adaptable for any person whether able or disabled, young or old, and promote self-challenge while remaining fun.

For more information of Bal-A-Vis-X go to