Monday, July 21, 2014

International Bal-A-Vis-X Training

This past June I attended an integrative movement-training course in Scotland. There were people from as many as 8 countries in attendance. All were there to learn a program called Bal-A-Vis-X and develop skills to work with children as well as adults who struggle with
learning/life for various reasons. These reasons could range from deficit in learning ability, to physical challenges, and includes those who experience anxiety from over achievement syndrome. Participants learned and practiced the proper technique of form & rhythm to ensure a consistent, synchronistic method for integrating the individual within him/her self and to his/her surroundings. The goal of practicing this technique in a setting like this is to develop uniformity for the group to work together harmoniously and to let participants experience this synchronization with guidance from trainers and practitioners so that when the attendee’s returned to work with students, clients, or family they would have the skills necessary to be successful and help those they work with succeed. Adaptations were learned for exercises in order that they could be carried out in what the founder, Bill Hubert, has coined “elastic time”. That would be adapting exercises to a level in which all participants would be successful while still working rhythmically and in a technically correct means. The goal being-start with what a client  ‘can’ do and work forward.

Also in attendance were other Practitioners and Trainers, such as myself. Trainers have been sanctioned by Mr. Hubert to conduct a 16-hour training. These trainings include, Level 1 & 2 with adaptations for special needs (also known as Session A & B). Trainers have participated in hundreds of hours of training under Mr. Hubert’s watchful eye to develop the skills necessary to properly train others to be successful in working with their own students/clients. The Trainers attending this training worked to further their skills of observation (noticing), mentoring, and instructing. I was able (as always) to pick up subtle nuances that further my skills as a Trainer and Practitioner. It was a fantastic experience to meet and work with this international group of learners, practitioners, and trainers!