Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are We Missing A Key Element in the Learning Process?

For students who struggle in school academically we provide Reading RTI and Math RTI in an attempt to fill the gaps.  The key to improving learning may rest with Movement RTI.  Children who are behind physiologically are often the ones who struggle academically. There is no standardized test for movement so it is believed there is no reason to spend time with this aspect of child development.  In fact we cut out time for movement both structured and unstructured to make time for remediation.
Research has established a direct correlation between physical development and cognitive development. Most children must first go through the appropriate stages of growth and development physically before true learning can take place.  If we supersede this progression with unrealistic (though well meaning?) expectations we short circuit the process and we miss the opportunity to help children develop the critical thinking skills necessary to acquire a love for learning that will last a life time.