Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Withholding Recess as Punishment

A New School Year is a GREAT time to try some NEW  Behavior Management Techniques.

With the increasing rate of obesity in the US why does withholding recess as a means of punishment continue? Why keep students from going outside and getting rid of some of that pent up energy?  The students who are unfocused / misbehaving the most are the students who need some physical activity. Movement not only helps with focus immediately following the activity time it also allows the brain some “down time” to process previously taught material. Students will come back to class more ready to learn.

With all of the research supporting physical activity as having a positive impact on cognitive development, social success, and stress relief one would think that more time for recess and activity would be promoted!  I came across some great ideas (about 60 as a matter of fact) on a site called Peaceful Playgrounds http://tinyurl.com/ybajj4g

Many of the ideas and suggestions I found on this site are a great beginning for new teachers developing classroom management programs as well as for veteran teachers faced with increased academic demands and who have experienced the effects of decrease recess time first hand.