Saturday, March 9, 2013

People Do Play in the Snow!

My last post was about parents NOT letting their children play outside in the winter because they were afraid the children would fall and get hurt. Well, I must say I had the most pleasant surprise the other day when my husband and I were out for a walk along the shore of a local lake.

A Mom, A Dad, A Boy, & A Dog

As we parked our car we noticed what appeared to be two adults, a child, and a dog out on the ice with a wind surfing kite and snowboard. We could hear the adult encouraging the child to get the kite into the wind so he could be pulled on the snowboard. I thought “that is pretty cool” and we continued on our walk.
When we returned from our walk, they were still out on the ice, I thought to myself “what a great way to get some exercise and spend time as a family”.  We stopped to watch the snow surfing.
The dog came to shore to greet us, it seemed like a friendly dog, so I decided to wander out and check out this unusual sight. I met a mom, dad, and son (I'd already met the dog), we chatted for a few minutes. The parents shared that they often get outside to play during the winter and that they use the winter as a time for their son (a 5th grader) to practice his Kite surfing skills. The parents shared that their son was very active and that he also played basketball.
Seeing this family out enjoying the winter weather has given me some hope that there are other families out there who get outside in the winter and play together --Thank you.

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